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The new Gallery Director at the Green-Gold Gallery - Rachael Linton is an abstract painter and gilder who has had over 50 shows in the past decade across NZ, the UK and Europe. She is recognised for her contributions to the art and science of cymatics, has been an ambassador for the endangered craft of gilding since 2016. Her interactive art installations have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people. Linton stands among the pioneering artists worldwide who have ventured into the realm of Cymatics (sound made visible) In 2020, she pioneered her signature cymatics fixing technique, capturing and immortalising the ethereal beauty of sound vibrations into physical paintings. With a deep fascination for the intricate geometric patterns formed by sound waves, Linton embarked on a journey to translate these cymatics patterns onto canvas, allowing them to be cherished and admired when hung on walls. The technique took Linton three years to develop making these cymatics paintings truly the first of their kind. Linton draws on her background in gold leaf gilding and traditional glass gilding (verre eglomise) techniques to paint sonic waves onto both glass and wood panel paintings. She utilises historical painting techniques with fine art pigments, genuine gold powders and precious metal leaf create luster and luxury.

Rachael Linton has a Master of Design - Massey University, 2008.

Works on wood

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Works on Glass


Dubbed an acoustic alchemist by one of the worlds leaders in the field of visual sound Linton is known for harnessing the forces of nature in her paintings. Harmony and chaos as well as radiance and illumination are themes that linton strives to draw out of her paintings, to create art that aims to enhance the electric vibration in a room. Valueing improvisation and intuitive abstract painting, which allows an aspect of the unconscious and numinous, a state of cosmic consciousness to enter her work. Participants in her kinetic art exhibitions have reported deep healing experiences and altered states of consciousness by viewing her work. Linton illuminates cymatics as an art & science which explains the relationship between energy and matter by using sound, light, and form in motion to create immersive and interactive experiences that create ripples in the fabric of space-time.

Large works

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