Submission Guidelines

November Exhibition 14th Nov - Jan 21st

Join Our November - Vibrant Art Showcase! Submit by Oct 22 for our Green-Gold Gallery exhibition during the bustling Geraldine Festival, Open Studios, and Christmas season. This exhibition coincides with the ‘Geraldine Festival,’ drawing crowds and offers exposure through ‘Arts Canterbury Open Studios’ and the Christmas season. Participate by submitting up to three vibrant artworks on the theme ‘Green-Gold.’

Eligibility:  We welcome artists of all levels and experiences, locally and from afar. While all mediums are considered, we are particularly interested in Paintings, Sculpture, Limited edition Prints as well as Interactive digital Art.

Size & Weight Restrictions: Artwork size should not exceed 120 x 120cm, with a weight limit of 10kg for hanging works.

Submission Limit: You may submit up to 3 pieces of work for consideration. All works must be for sale. 

Submission Fee: A non-refundable fee of $30 for 3 submissions applies. Payment details are on the application form. With this fee you kindly support the initiative. Green-Gold Gallery is run by one individual artist and the submission fee is due to the substantial amount of admin, processing and time involved with running an open call, the fee goes towards the cost of renting the venue,   advertising, social media and everything. It also ensures that Green-Gold Gallery is sustainable and can commit to this exhibition and future exhibitions to come.

Delivery & Pickup: The cost of delivering the artworks to and from the Geraldine exhibition space is the responsibility of the artist. Artists will be required to drop off artworks at the venue: 10 Wilson St, by Friday 10th Nov, between 10am – 5 pm. Posted artworks should also aim to arrive at the Gallery by that date.

Exhibition-Ready: Artworks must be exhibition-ready with sturdy framing and mounting ‘D’ hooks. The exhibition follows a cash-and-carry concept, emphasising the immediate availability of artwork for purchase.

Unsold Artworks: Artists should collect unsold artworks between 21-23rd January. Shipping home for unsold artworks is the artists responsibility. The artist is not responsible for shipping if the artwork sells during the exhibition.

Application Form: Please utilise the convenient online application form on the website. You can upload your pictures there. Late applications will not be considered. 

Digital/Virtual works of Art:
At the Green-Gold Gallery, we feature a dedicated space for digital, immersive, and interactive artwork. Our digital art room offers a captivating platform to showcase art in the realm of virtual creations. We look forward to welcoming artists working in the realms of  NFT, VR, AR, Digital Painters & Illustrators, Generative Artists, Interactive Media Artists, 3D Modelers & Animators, Digital Sculptors. Equipped with a selection of monitors our gallery provides an immersive experience for viewers to engage with your digital masterpieces. While we currently have limited space for digital submissions, we operate on a “first come, first served” basis for our digital submissions, that is unless the digital artist is able to lend their own tech for their show. It would ideal if digital artists are able to come and set up their art installations in person on-site as we know how complicated these installations can be. Although in the future we intend to represent artists creating work for virtual reality (VR) we are currently unable to exhibit VR works due to the absence of Oculus or Vive headsets. Our commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive space for digital art is high on our priority list.

Commission & Volunteering: We retain a 40% commission on sales. Artists volunteering receive 70% of sales. To assist in starting our large gallery space, we invite the artists who have been selected for the exhibitions to contribute their time and expertise in the Gallery. This will be rewarded by the gallery taking less of a commission. Artists who choose to dedicate several hours a week to assist in the gallery will receive 70% of their sales, while the gallery will take 40% if the artist does not wish to or cannot attend. Artists opting for this offer are requested to contribute 14 hours during the duration of their artwork’s display by booking their time on a rotor with other artists. By participating in gallery activities, artists will gain valuable experience in selling art and interacting with clientele during the show. Thus building a vibrant Art community.

Physical & remote support: We warmly welcome volunteers to join us in managing the pre-event activities at the Gallery. Building a collaborative and nurturing artistic spirit. We welcome volunteers and social network sharing to build our vibrant art community.

For questions, assistance, or to discuss the project, contact:

Artist & Gallery Director – Rachael Linton

027 2932 788

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    The Green-Gold Gallery is a fresh and vibrant addition to the New Zealand art scene,   Dedicated to showcasing the fine art of local contemporary painters and sculptors.